Monday, June 3, 2013

Gundam Mid Year Challenge 2013 BANDAI event cum LITT TAK Sales

Dear all fans/gunpla lovers,

Well, the Gundam Mid Year Challenge has started.. and it's from 3 June 2013 till 9 June 2013, The location of this event is at the link here Sungei Wang Plaza - Concourse Area, There's some sales promotion for this Gundam event and also allot of participants this year..

I will list here the new items and promotional items then only follow by the participants entries. Please be inform that I'm not selling and I'm also not a reporter :-), this blog is just for interest purpose.. I'm also using Samsung Galaxy S3 camera to take all these picture.. and it's not using DSLR. Thanks for kind consideration.
Various Unit For Sell

G-Xiphos RM 53

System Base 001 Blue - RM 38

System Base 001 Green - RM 37

System Base 001 Red - RM 38
Unicorn Banshee - RM 61
 Promotional Item: MG Age-2 Normal - RM 108

Promotional Item: MG TallGeese - RM108

Promotional Item: MG Buster Gundam - RM 108

Then as for the Participants list are as below :-) Enjoy~


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